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Research-and-Production Enterprise "Konversmash" is a developer and manufacture of installment for creation comfortable conditions at workplaces of operators of mobile machinery (bridge cranes, excavators, drilling plants, bulldozers, heavy-load dumper trucks and etc.) and stationary control positions. The goods of the industry works is widely adopted among underground quarries, plants of mining, ferrous and non-ferrous and also oil conversion industries.

The basis of "Konversmash" is a group of highly skilled specialists - constructors and test engineers, who had been working for many years for war industry.

Using the latest achievements of science, the firm has made unique dust-gas-purification systems and freon-free thermoelectric conditioners, which have no analogues in the world. All productions are patent.

Each year "Konversmash" widens the list of its production, satisfying the interests of new consumers. One of the latest elaborations is microclimate plant, which provides comfortable conditions for work places of the operators.

The firm disposes modern industrial basis, on which the production is made by highly skilled workers. The applicant pool is very competitive, the professional selection of personnel helps to guarantee high culture of the industry, exception of rejects, and consequently quality and reliability of production.

On every consumer-factory our specialists teach the workers to assemble, start and service the plants.

Creation of adaptable constructions of microclimatic system and efficiency in the work of the design office let these systems to be installed without problem practically into every existing mobile and stationary object.

Using all accessible informational systems, specialists of the firm follow the development of science, technics and new technologies, they are engaged in research on cleaning of the air and thermoelectricity, aiming at increasing the efficiency of the created systems.

The stability of the firm working, the reliability of the microclimate systems suggested, great interest in the constructions made, let us hope to the wide adaptation of the production on the factories and works, where working places does not meet the requirements of the measures for protection of labour.

RPE «Konversmash»
Russia, Chelyabinsk, Lenina Av., 3
Telephone: (351)779-80-66; Telephone/fax: (351)772-82-91