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History of "Konversmash"

In 1989 before the group of constructors was set a task to ensure the uninterrupted work for the extraction of ore in the quarry "Murruntau" (town Zarafshan, Uzbekistan) in connection wish considerable stoppage (about 2 weeks) as a result of high content of exhaust and burnt explosive in the quarry.

During this period of coming conversion, using military technology and experience in making of microclimate on the factories and plants, the constructors solved this problem successfully. There were made new dust-gas-purification systems for all types of machinery used in the quarries. These systems were put to the laboratory and the natural tests and the results were approved by the Ministry of Health, which made it possible to use these equipment in the mining.

From 1990 to 1991 all machinery of the quarry "Murruntau" was equipped with these systems. And the quarry began working continuously. The information about this fact was published in the magazine "Gornoe delo". The problem of excess of injurious gases turned out to be vital for the most plants, dealing with mining industry. From 1991 to 1994 such ore mining and processing enterprises as "Udachniy" Jakut-almaz, Sokolovsko-Sarbatskiy (town Rudniy in Kazakhstan), "Karelskiy okatysh" (town Kostomuksha), coal open-pit mine Chernogorskiy and many others bought these systems.

In 1993 thanks to conversion, an opportunity of using the achievements of defensive complex in peaceful purpose appeared and the group of specialist of the design office founded the research-and-production enterprise "Konversmash". The main target of it was the guaranteeing of comfortable conditions at work places of production cycle operators at different plants of industrial complex, which meet the standards and requirements of the measure for protection of labour.

In 1995 the design department of "Konversmash" projected new next generation conditioner freon-free thermoelectrical one. The main advantages of this conditioner are:

  • the absence of freon
  • vibrastability in full frequency range (the greatest advantage while assembling the mobile equipment)
  • reliability in functioning
  • absence of complicated gears
  • easiness in control
  • operation in heating or cooling mode
  • easiness in service

    These conditioners have been widely adopted on the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy industrial works.

    "Konversmash" continues to perfect its productions. In 1997 a new microclimate plant and its modifications were made and put to use.

    Microclimatic plant, the basis of which is thermoelectrical units, provides in complex comfortable conditions for work places - machining of the air (warmth-cold), purification of the air from dust and gas, which makes surplus pressure and as result hinders harmful components of the outside air to penetrate into the work rooms.

    From 1997 till present days annually appear new modifications of conditioners, microclimate plants, depending on what unhealthy factors are present at either factory.

    A great number of honourable mentions about the work of these installments and about lowering rate of professional illnesses are received from many consumers.

    The useful effect of the work fills the people with energy and enthusiasm. "Konversmash" aims at future perfection of the systems of creation microclimate on the work places of harmful industries.

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