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Dust-Gas-Purification Systems
— plants of collective protection from bad influences of environment. That is to say systems that provide with clean and fresh air some closed pressurized room with person or group of people being within.

Closed room is:
- cab of heavy-load dumper truck, excavator, drilling plant and other mining machinery, working in heavy dust-gas environment; in quarries, in mines;
- cab of bridge crane or control panel (operator room), control room, foremen rooms, resting lounges, first-aid posts, laboratories etc. at harmful production workshops.

Plant draws in polluted, gas-laden air from outside, refines it and supplies it into cab. It not only provides sufficient amount of oxygen for workers breathing, but also creates a little surplus pressure inside of a room, that prevents penetration of dust and bad gases from the outside. This feature is an advantage of this plants over devices, that works with 100%-recirculation (i.e. using only inner air) and therefore unable to prevent penetration of harmful substances through loosenesses and prevent air depletion with oxygen, that brings about worsening of the health state of people.

Modular design, small weight and size of SPGO plants allows the easiness of their installment at any places and any kinds of cabs.

In order to reduce dust load on fine purification aerosol filter (overshoot factor 10-4 for particle with size of 0,15 micron (0,00015 mm)) all plants has fan-dust-separator, that provides preliminary purification with efficiency up to 90%. Due to this the change periods of aerosol filter-package are prolonged.

Purification unit is a pressurized case, which can be completed with various filter-packages or with their set depending on gas components of environment (i.e. harmful components which are necessary to be the air purified from). Case design makes impossible overshoot of gases omitting filter element.

Heater, included in standard set of plant, allows if necessary to warm the air which is given into a cab.

The bustle with rotational deflector serves to direct the current of air in a cab.

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