Яндекс цитирования


SPGO3-sp12 is intended for air purification from dust and gases and supplying it to bridge crane cabs, auxiliary machinery, control positions worked in atmosphere polluted by injurious industrial emissions from main production in metallurgical and chemical industry.

Technical data

Nominal volume air discharge, m3/h, not less 120
Surplus pressure at exit, Pa ( kg/m2 ), not less 39 (4)
Supply voltage, V 380
Mode of current AC
Net weight, kg, max 45
Direction of fan rotation (from the air intake side) right
Heater power, kW 2 or 3

Dust-gas-purification system is intended for air purification from detrimental impurities in the form of aerosols, gases and vapour: hydrogen sulphide, ethyl acetate, ammonia, benzol, sulphur dioxide, vapour of combustive-lubricating materials, prussic acid, butyl alcohol, methanol, formaldehydes, benzapilene, sulphuric acid aerosols, lubricating oils, diesel fuel, catalyst powder, soot.

Filtering cassette for aerosols and gases designed as single unit.

SPGO3-sp14 by purpose and performance attributes is similar to SPGO3-sp12, but has two separated filtering cassettes: for aerosols and for gases. So you may replace only one cassette if there is obviously prevalence of aerosols or gases.

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