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UKM5UKM5 is intended for creation the normal dust-gase environment and comfortable working conditions (cooling and heating) at workplaces of operators of bridge cranes, excavators, drilling rigs, controls panels and other rooms at works of metallurgical and chemical industry at outdoor air temperature up to +55°C.

UKM5 is a recoverable plant designed for operation in the open air, in workshops, both in stationary condition and when moving.

Technical data

Cold-productivity, W 2400
Heat-productivity, W 2500...3000
Air-productivity, m3/hour, up to 800
including fresh purified air, m3/hour 80...160
Power consumption in cooling or heating mode, W 3500
Supply voltage of misroclimate plant (AC), V 380
Size, mm:
- conditioning unit 700х550х450
- purification unit with fan unit 600х590х400
- fan unit 580х500х480
- power unit 450x242x300
Weight, kg:
- conditioning unit 78
- purification unit with fan unit 45
- fan unit 36
- control panel 5
- power unit 56

UKM5 is intended for air purification from detrimental impurities in the form of aerosols, gases and vapour of: hydrogen sulphide, ethyl acetate, ammonia, benzol, sulphur dioxide, vapour of combustive-lubricating materials, prussic acid, butyl alcohol, methanol, formaldehydes, benzapilene, sulphuric acid aerosols, lubricating oils, diesel fuel, catalyst powder, soot.

Operating modes:

  1. Filtration-ventilation
  2. Filtration-ventilation with cooling
  3. Filtration-ventilation with heating

*It is available to complete with conditioning unit from both KTT80VT and KTT96VT. In this case letter "M" appends to unit marking, for example UKM5A-M.

Note: in all variants air purification from carbon monoxide is also possible. In this case digit "1" appends to unit marking, for example: UKM5A-1 or UKM5A-M-1.

UKM5 at tubes coating workshop of ChTPZ

tubes coating workshop of ChTPZ

UKM5 at tubes coating workshop of ChTPZ

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